Limited-Run Aston Martin Watch Has Transparent Case To Expose Movement

Aston Martin is the latest automaker to partner with a high-end watchmaker to create a luxury timepiece. Specifically, the company is working with Girard-Perregaux on a limited-edition tourbillon with three flying bridges. The firm is making just 18 of them.

The eponymous three bridges are easily visible when looking at the watch. The upper one holds the barrel in place. The middle supports the center wheel, and the bottom attaches to the tourbillon escapement. These pieces are titanium with a black PVD coating and polished angles.

The cage for the tourbillon near the six o’clock position of the face has a blue hand on it that functions as a running seconds display. The tourbillon cage consists of 79 components that weigh a total of 250 milligrams, and it measures just 10 millimeters in diameter.

Sapphire crystals cover the front and rear, which light through and exposes the mechanical aspects of the watch. The case is grade 5 titanium that is suffused with diamond-like carbon for a darker finish. It measures 44 millimeters wide. 

While the rotor on most automatic-winding watches occupies a large portion of the case, this timepiece has a gold micro-rotor beneath the barrel to retain an airy appearance. Girard-Perregaux engraves Aston Martin onto it and covers the name in luminescent material that glows blue in low light. The same substance is on the indexes and hands to make them incandescence.

The Aston Martin watch comes on a black calf leather strap that uses Girard-Perregaux’s Rubber Alloy technology that uses a rubber insert that the company injects with white gold.

Aston Martin and Girard-Perregaux are not announcing a price for this limited-edition watch, but it’s safe to expect a six-figure cost. As an example, a standard version of the company’s three bridges watch sells for $153,150.


Aston Martin Doesn’t Give A Shift, Plans To Retire The Manual Gearbox

Sports car enthusiasts don’t miss an occasion to use the #savethemanual hashtag, but the truth of the matter is, most people buying performance vehicles tend to go with the automatic. The take rate for a three-pedal setup has gradually dropped in recent years, making it difficult for automakers to build a solid business case for the do-it-yourself gearbox.

There are some exceptions such as Porsche, which recently said 70 percent of previous-gen 911 GT3 customers in the United States opted for the clutch pedal. Aston Martin has also made efforts to retain the manual transmission in various models, but its days are numbered based on a recent statement made by the company’s boss.

2019 Aston Martin Vantage AMR: First Drive

Speaking to Australian magazine CarSales during a roundtable interview with other journalists, Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers revealed the V8 Vantage AMR will lose the manual with next year’s facelift. Not only that, but the Vanquish will no longer get the third pedal despite an initial announcement about the mid-engine supercar promising it would have a stick shift.

Going back in time, former boss Andy Palmer said a little over five years ago that Aston Martin would be the “last manufacturer in the world to offer a manual sports car.” That’s not going to be the case anymore and it seems more and more likely that Porsche with its 911 will be the last bastion of the clutch pedal in the sports car realm.

Why is Aston Martin backtracking on its decision to keep the manual alive? Tobias Moers says it’s because people “have to realise sports cars have changed quite a bit.” With automakers adding more power while throwing electrification into the mix, it’s understandable why a manual is becoming less and less feasible. That’s especially true since demand has plummeted, at least among high-end sports cars.


Mansory Aston Martin DB11 Has Unique Spec With All-Silver Interior

When Mansory takes its hand to an Aston Martin DB11, it becomes a Mansory Cyrus. Supercar Blondie’s latest video takes a look at the peculiar vehicle and its all-silver interior.

While the list of modifications isn’t limited to just the interior, it’s clear that Mansory wants its customers to feel special when sitting behind the wheel. That’s why the DB11’s interior has essentially been fully stripped out and reupholstered in a silver finish – something we’ve never seen used in the interior of a car. The shine doesn’t show up very well on camera, but Supercar Blondie assures us that it’s as flashy as could be.

As a one-of-one car, the detail goes much deeper than just some new fabric. One of the party pieces of the vehicle involves the carbon fiber around the center console which features threads of the same exterior green in the carbon layup. Along with the bespoke carbon components, Mansory has added its insignia in various locations around the cockpit.

From the exterior, the car features a mild body kit with new carbon fiber bits including side skirts and a new rear diffuser with an F1 style brake light. A new set of 22-inch forged aluminum wheels ties the entire ensemble together. Mansory also opted for a new exhaust system from front to back, which means the beast currently produces around 700 horsepower (522 kilowatts). 

Believe it or not, these modifications have quadrupled the resale value of the DB11 to around $800,000. We’re not sure who exactly provided that number, but it’s clear that this Aston Martin is bound to make an equally big impression on you and your wallet.


Aston Martin V12 Speedster Gets Retro-Inspired DBR1 Specification Pack

The Aston Martin V12 Speedster will be able to blend retro and modern touches if buyers specify the limited-run model in the newly announced, optional DBR1 specification. The look will pay tribute to the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans winner with Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori at the wheel.

The DBR1 specification covers the V12 Speedster in minty Aston Martin Racing Green paint with Clubsport White roundels. The grille has a Satin Silver finish. The sports car rides on 21-inch, center-lock wheels with a satin black color and machined face.

The interior has a mix of Conker saddle leather, Viridian Green technical textile, and Caithness leather. The cabin also contains gloss-finish carbon fiber touches and satin silver brushed aluminum switchgear.

If buyers order the DBR1 specification, the car comes with Aston Martin Racing Green driver and passenger helmets, so that they match the vehicle’s body while taking a drive.

Aston Martin debuted the V12 Speedster in 2020. Power comes from a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 that makes 690 horsepower (515 kilowatts or 700 metric horsepower) and 555 pound-feet (753 Newton-meters) of torque. It runs through an eight-speed automatic gearbox to the rear wheels where there is a limited-slip differential for maintaining traction.

The brand estimates the V12 Speedster can hit 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 3.4 seconds. The top speed is 198 miles per hour (319 kilometers per hour), which would be quite an experience with no roof or windshield for the occupants.

Aston Martin is still taking orders for the V12 Speedsters. The company is making just 88 of them, and the sports car has a starting price of $950,000. The automaker doesn’t specify whether opting for the DBR1 specification affects the final cost. The first deliveries of the limited-run machine begin in mid-2021.


Pretty-In-Pink DBX Highlights Aston Martin’s Posh Pastel Collection

Aston Martin recently announced its five-vehicle Pastel Collection of vibrantly colored, special models. Now, the company is digging into the details by releasing over 120 images that show off what makes these vehicles so unique.

The vehicles are a DBX in Vibrant Coral, Vantage Coupe in Ultraviolet Purple, Vantage Roadster in Cardamom Violet, DB11 V8 Coupe in Butterfly Teal, and DB11 V8 Volante in Clear Water. Aston Martin Newport Beach is selling each of them for prices starting at $195,680, and they’re all available to purchase now.

The Q by Aston Martin personalization division handled the creation of these special vehicles because of a commission by the Aston Martin Newport Beach showroom. The pastel hues on these vehicles take inspiration from the springtime colors around the Southern California coast.

“We chose pastels because of the vibrant colors found in nature along the California coast; the pair of teal and blue DB11s inspired by the clear Southern California skies and cool pacific waters of Crystal Cove; the purple and violet shades on the Vantages reflect the hillside wildflower blooms and the vibrant coral DBX draws from the warm tones present in the cliffs above the ocean during our one-of-a-kind sunsets,” General Manager of Aston Martin Newport Beach Jeff West said about these models.

The Q by Aston Martin team also created bespoke cabins for these cars. The special touches include incorporating the pastel colors into the interior. All of them also have a mix of Ivory and Obsidian Black leather upholstery. Decorative stitching adds some extra visual texture.

As part of this deal, Aston Martin Newport Beach gets exclusive access to these colors in North America for 18 months. People who like the pastel shades can special order them on any new Aston Martin from the dealer.


Updated Aston Martin Valhalla Coming Soon, Possibly With AMG Power

Aston Martin had big plans for the Valhalla hypercar, which debuted as the “AM-RB 003” concept at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019. The company promised a brand-new, twin-turbocharged hybrid V6 built completely in-house at the company’s headquarters in the UK. But as the business relationship between Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz grows stronger, it looks like things may have changed.

Following CEO Tobias Moers’s comments that the Valhalla would “probably have a different drivetrain” to the 2019 concept, a new report from Autocar doubles down on those comments. The report suggests that Aston has halted the development of its proposed twin-turbo V6 entirely, at least for the time being. We reached out to Aston Martin Americas, but they were not able to provide a comment other than noting that the Autocar report is “full of speculation.”

Rather than something built in Gaydon, we could see a high-powered AMG engine in the hypercar. The most likely candidate is Mercedes-AMG’s new twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter hybrid V8, which will make its road-going debut in the GT73 4-Door Coupe.

With that AMG engine, the Valhalla will almost certainly still be a hybrid. The hypercar will also maintain its output of nearly 1,000 horsepower (756 kilowatts), acting as a direct rival to alternatives like the Ferrari SF90 and McLaren Speedtail. On top of that, Aston Martin will most likely revamp the styling of the Valhalla ahead of its launch, which we expect to happen early in 2023.

It’s unclear what kind of design changes the company will make to the Valhalla, but don’t expect a carbon copy of the concept we’ve already seen. If confirmed, the new mid-mounted AMG powertrain will force Aston to rethink some of the key design elements, particularly in the rear.

We won’t know all the details on the upcoming Aston Martin Valhalla until it officially makes its production debut next year. What we do know is that the company is limiting production to just 500 units, meaning those of you in the market for a multi-million-dollar hypercar should hurry. Financial officer Kenneth Gregor said that “a good chunk” of orders were placed for the Valhalla in 2020.


Aston Martin Pastel Collection Is Ready For Summer

Are you looking for a new Aston Martin to fit your summer wardrobe? Well, you’re in luck because Aston Martin Newport Beach in California is selling a collection of specialized Aston Martins with a summery pastel paint theme. This unique offering is exclusive to Aston Martin Newport Beach so you’ll need to head to California and pick up your bespoke Aston Martin.

Aston Martin Newport Beach has five unique pastel-colored Aston Martin models to choose from. First, we have a 2021 Vantage Coupe painted in Ultra Violet purple powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine. This unique Vantage V8 is VIN Number SCFSMGAW3MGN05375 and will be available for a limited amount of time.

If the coupe Vantage isn’t your thing Aston Martin Newport Beach also offers a convertible Vantage painted in a unique shade of Cardamom Violet. This V8-powered convertible is the perfect car to cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway and hit the beach.

Maybe you don’t want a coupe and need the convenience of an SUV. Well Aston Martin Newport Beach has a DBX SUV painted a unique Vibrant Coral. This interesting shade of pink will help you stand out against the backdrop of gray SUVs the fill roads around the world.

If you want the top-tier Aston Martin DB11 and you need a special pastel color scheme. Well perfect, because Aston Martin Newport Beach offers a DB11 V8 coupe painted in Butterfly Teal. For those who prefer convertibles, you can pick up a DB11 Volante painted in Clear Water which is a beautiful light blue color.

This unique collection of pastel-colored Aston Martins will be the perfect company for your summer adventures. There are far too many gray Aston Martins in the world so this dash of color is a welcomed addition.


YouTuber’s Bespoke Aston Martin DBX Wears Special Paint, Unique Badges

The Aston Martin DBX may be the brand’s most mainstream vehicle, though it doesn’t escape the company’s penchant for luxury and uniqueness. Aston’s bespoke Q division can personalize a host of features on every vehicle, including the sleek SUV, and its latest creation is certainly special. YouTube Mr JWW partnered with Q and HWM Aston Martin to create a special run of DBX SUVs, and the first one is ready for delivery.

Mr JWW has been chronicling the build, last showing off the SUV’s bespoke badges, though now the special SUV is complete. His latest video gives us our first detailed look at the unique DBX and the things that make it so special. The most striking feature is the deep green paint, which was far from an easy process to create. It needed extensive testing to guarantee its durability, with Aston using the same paint science and technology behind the Valkyrie hypercar’s paint.

Inside, Q’s touches are subtle yet noticeable. It’s the only DBX one can get with Alcantara, a material not otherwise available on the SUV, though it is available on other Aston models. Other touches include the tan lather grab handles above the doors, the 3D-printed and engraved center console trim, and the tan stitching throughout the interior. The DBX also sports unique copper badges that match other copper touches throughout the vehicle, like the wheels and Q badging.

Also shown in the video was a second specification. While the green-and-brown DBX certainly stands out, Mr JWW and Q designed a subtler black-on-black version, though the black paint does feature a copper tint. Power comes from the AMG-sourced twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 that produce 547 horsepower (407 kilowatts) and 516 pound-feet (700 Newton-meters) of torque. There’ll only be 10 built, with each costing £199,950 ($276,540 at current exchange rates). The entire project took nearly two years to complete.


Sebastian Vettel Swaps Aston Martin F1 Car For DBX SUV

Aston Martin had a rough 2020 as sales cratered alongside the launch of the brand’s first SUV, the DBX. However, 2021 could be brighter for the brand as the company begins the new Formula One season with veteran driver Sebastian Vettel joining the team. To commemorate his arrival, Aston published a video of Vettel getting behind the wheel of the new SUV, taking it through a scenic snow-covered landscape.

The video, titled “A New Beginning,” has Vettel pondering his new opportunity with Aston’s F1 team. “The new chapter together with Aston Martin is right in front of me,” he says, adding, “It’s a new family that I’m joining, and there’s a lot of excitement around.” It’s full of hope and inspiration, with plenty of shots glamorizing Aston’s DBX, which launched last year amid the coronavirus pandemic and corporate upheaval.

Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll agreed to buy a stake of up to 20 percent in the company early last year. The move also saw him rebrand his Racing Point F1 team into Aston Martin. In May of last year, Aston replaced CEO Andy Palmer with Tobias Moers. Moers had headed Mercedes-AMG, a role he’d held since 2013. Now, the company is focusing on electrifying its lineup, laying the groundwork for a robust EV rollout. The company has said it wants to abolish the gas-powered car from the lineup by 2030.

That bold strategy will begin in 2025 with the production of a new electric sports car and SUV. By 2030, Aston expects half of its lineup would be BEVs while 45 percent would be hybrids. Aston Martin is an automaker known for its luxurious and powerful grand tourers, but that alone couldn’t keep it safe from the crossover boom. Aston DBX deliveries began just last year, and it has big promises for the future that’ll take a lot of cash to fulfill.


Aston Martin Electric SUV And Sports Car Coming In 2025

Aston Martin is planning an onslaught of new models and new versions of existing models in the next few years. The expansion will include a number of different variants of the DBX, including perhaps a DBX V12, and the manufacturer is reportedly planning a duo of all-new electric vehicles.

Autocar is quoting a report from Financial Times based on an interview of the newspaper with Aston Martin’s chairman Lawrence Stroll. Speaking to the publication at the brand’s HQ in Gaydon, he confirmed the two new zero-emissions models will go into production in 2025. The two vehicles will be a sports car and an SUV.

Stroll told the FT that the high-riding electric vehicle will be manufactured in Wales where Aston Martin currently produces the DBX. In turn, the EV sports car will be assembled at home in Gaydon. Both should be released to the market in 2025.

Similar to some of the manufacturer’s combustion-powered models, the new electric models will most likely rely on technology from Mercedes-Benz, which currently owns a 20-percent stake of the British firm. Aston Martin still doesn’t have a dedicated EV platform and an electric drivetrain, and the cooperation with Mercedes could be the answer to all its problems in the short to mid-term.

“We are way ahead of our rivals, and all because of our partnership with Mercedes,” Stroll added.

Besides the fact that the two cars could use Mercedes-sourced tech, little else is known at the moment. Stroll said the sports car will be a “front-engine version of a DB11/Vantage,” though the final design and naming haven’t been confirmed yet. Interestingly, Aston Martin might ditch the famous DB prefix for this car, though it will use “our beautiful body, our suspension, our vehicle dynamics, our bespoke interiors.”