World’s Rustiest Aston Martin Lagonda Will Be Reborn As Luxury EV

While the Lagonda Vision will no longer be put into production, YouTube channel furiousdriving is filling the void by converting an original Aston Martin Lagonda into an electric sedan.Built between 1974 and 1990, the original Lagonda luxury sedan was divisive, to say the least. Arguably the most notorious version was the series 2 1976 model with its futuristic, wedge-shaped design and advanced technologies. It even had a digital gauge cluster that used CRT screens, but it was famously unreliable. Less than 700 Lagondas are on the road today. Fortunately, the donor Lagonda being used for the EV conversion project is one of the rustiest examples you’re likely to find. It’s in such a bad state that sections of the floor pan have rusted away.