People scoop up cash scattered across California freeway

We see this many, many, many, many times, and it always makes us wonder why armored cars, and the bags containing cash that are within them, are not more crash resistant: This morning on I-5 in Carlsbad, Calif., north of San Diego, a minor accident involving a Brinks truck scattered cash across the freeway — and as always, motorists stopped and ran around scooping up bills as they blew around.

This, of course, is a dumb thing to do — surpassed in stupidity only by posting it on social media, as the authorities are surely going to be examining posts like this one (in which a new Ford Bronco makes a cameo appearance):


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These folks apparently think this is a finders-keepers situation. Which of course it’s not. And they didn’t have the presence of mind to put their Covid masks on.

San Diego’s Fox 5 said California Highway Patrol officers were writing down identifying information regarding some of the cash-snatchers. 

A motorist named Travis Fisher told Fox 5 that at first he thought people were leaping from their cars to help someone who was hurt. Then, “I see all these things floating around and I realize it’s money. It was pretty crazy. Just everywhere, there was a sea of bills, everywhere.”