‘SNL’ car thief sketch shows saving the manuals can save your car

It’s not news that the number of cars available with a manual transmission has dwindled, and a big reason for that is people just aren’t learning how to drive them. Still, it’s a worthwhile skill to pick up. Our number one reason would be because it’s fun, but you never know when you might to need to do it in a pinch. Perhaps you’ll have to drive a friend’s old stick-shift car in an emergency, or maybe it’s just a really cool car and they’re giving you the chance to try it out. Or in the case of this Saturday Night Live sketch, maybe you’re trying to steal a vintage Lamborghini.

Yes, in the sketch titled “Car Heist,” the stereotypical, “Gone in 60 Seconds“-style Hollywood break-in goes terribly awry when the wheelman is completely confounded by the three pedals and gated shifter of the target Lamborghini Diablo. And with two minutes to leave before the doors close again, his backer’s attempts to teach him over the radio go about as well as you could expect, as he has to get his head around using both feet and having to learn what a clutch is.

It’s a situation that anyone that’s learned to use a manual or has helped teach others to will find fun. I had an internship with Hagerty Insurance several years ago, and I helped with their program teaching young drivers how to drive stick with vintage and enthusiast cars. If I only had two minutes to teach someone to drive, and had to do it over the phone, I think things would’ve gone about as well. So give it a watch and have a little laugh. And then, if you haven’t learned yet, find someone to teach you or at least watch the video below.

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Source: AutoBlog.com