Finally, Aston Martin’s First Customer Valkyrie Has Been Built

Unfortunately, Aston Martin has not provided many images of the first completed customer Valkyrie, but we can see that it is finished in Aston Martin Racing Green. Whatever the reason, we’re sure that the owner is happy to learn that his or her Valkyrie is almost done after over 2,000 man-hours of hand-building brings each example to life.Only 150 of these hypercars will be built, with Moers hailing it as “a truly incredible car, an F1 car for the road.” With so few being built, collectors will likely snap them up and put them in storage, but we’re forever hopeful a few will take them out and use them as intended. When you have 1 hybrid V12 powertrain with 1,139 horsepower on tap, it’d be a crying shame not to.