Hummer EV range listed at 334 miles in MyChevrolet app

Forums of late have been cracking for interesting news, the Hummer Chat forum next in line to keep us intrigued. When member BahamaTodd updated his MyChevrolet app to version 5.7.0, he clicked through to the Energy Assist page and found three GM electric vehicles listed, plus their estimated range figures on a 100% charge. One was the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt, rated for 259 miles, the second was the 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV, rated for 247 miles. The third was an unexpected entry, being the 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup, listed as able to go 334 miles on a full charge. When BahamaTodd clicked on the Hummer, a map appeared with a dotted line outlining the entire geographical area available to him based on his current location.

The figures for both Bolts are the official EPA estimates. The mileage figure for the Hummer is a mystery, as is why it’s popped up here in the MyChevrolet app instead of the MyGMC app. The EPA hasn’t certified the 2022 Hummer yet, so that’s not the source. On the other hand, a little more than a week ago, GM said the Hummer EV could go 350 miles or more based on the automaker’s estimates. We assumed GM was referring to the Hummer Edition 1, the sold-out launch model which will be the only trim produced for the 2022 model year, fitted with three electric motors making a combined 1,000 horsepower.

The first and safest assumption is that the app data is placeholder information, not intended to be spread on the Internet and dissected. If it does apply to a Hummer EV, it could denote a specific trim or options. The Edition 1 will be available with street tires. It’s perfectly reasonable to believe the chunky, 35-inch knobblies that shown in all the press materials could eat up 16 miles or so of range, about a 4.8% loss. Or GM’s range estimate could have been meant for one of the future Hummer EV variants, like the slightly less-powerful tri-motor EV3X with 800 hp, the 625-hp dual-motor EV2X, and the base, 625-hp dual-motor EV2.

With pre-production of the Edition 1 slated to begin at GM’s Factory Zero any day now, answers shouldn’t be long in coming. 

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