Today is Subaru ‘National Make a Dog’s Day,’ where dealers act as adoption centers

Subaru declared October 22 “National Make A Dog’s Day” a couple of years ago, because of course it did. Well guess what? Today is October 22, and Subaru is celebrating it once again in hopes that folks get out there and quite literally, make a dog’s day.

How is this related to Subaru, you might ask? Well, the long-time dog-friendly car company has been holding adoption events at its dealerships throughout the month of October. It says over 600 dealerships have participated in either in-person or virtual events to get dogs from the shelter into loving homes. October isn’t over yet, so look out for more in your area.

Go buy a new Outback Wilderness, Subaru says, and while you’re at it, take home this super cute shelter dog. It’s a heartwarming campaign that comes with some heartwarming videos. Subaru is specifically targeting dogs from the shelter who have experienced tragedy or injury (termed “Underdogs” by Subaru) in their lives this year. The trio of commercials that Subaru is airing throughout October all feature these poor puppers in need of a home — a couple of them even have wheels. Vroom vroom, right?

This same initiative in 2020 resulted in 22,961 animals being adopted via Subaru. We can hope that number increases this year, too. And in case you’re not in a position to adopt a dog right now, Subaru is encouraging folks to do something special for their canines today and then take to social media with the #MakeADogsDay hashtag. 

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