The BMW M2 CS may be sold out, but you can still win one here

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If you asked us here at Autoblog which BMW is our favorite to drive, the M2 CS would top more than a few lists. Road Test Editor Zac Palmer describes it as “the BMW everybody wants and yearns for,” and most of us tend to agree. With its 3.0L twin-turbo V6 making 444 horsepower, it is quicker than both the M2 and M2 Competition, though with a price tag approaching six figures it is quite a bit more expensive too. That doesn’t much matter though, as the M2 CS is already sold out, so getting your hands on one is a tricky proposition. Unless you win this one from Omaze.

Win a BMW M2 CS – Enter at Omaze

Here’s what we thought of the M2 CS when we drove it earlier this year:

“The CS is all about the drive.

“And by golly it’s a good one. I tap the BMW gear shifter to the right into “Drive” — yes, this one has the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, not the manual — and rock off with a slight jolt and a jerk. This raw and slightly rough DCT is being phased out of BMW M cars as they transition to the ZF eight-speed torque converter box. It’s a shame, because the immediacy and crispness of its shifts are lost with it.

“Even with the adaptive dampers set to full Comfort, the CS never lets you forget where its priorities lie. Every road crevice and pothole gets transmitted through the seat back to the driver. The steering at low and higher speeds is weighted naturally. Plus, it’s effectively communicating what’s going on with the tires, a rarity for modern BMWs. Cold Cup 2s are slick, and I can sense that lack of adhesion through the wheel on a chilly summer morning. It’s loud inside the cabin, too. Rocks and pebbles are slung up by those wide Michelins and clang against the fender wells. The exhaust is never neighbor-friendly, even with the active valves closed, and the cacophony goes even further with M Carbon Ceramic brakes that squeak and squeal 100% of the time.

“It’s all sensory overload for what I’m accustomed to in today’s numb-but-technically-excellent BMWs. This is the BMW everybody wants and yearns for, I think to myself. I’m only cruising to the grocery store, but there’s an extra layer of liveliness and intimacy to the machine that is lacking in other M cars, even compared to the lesser M2 Competition.

“Fast forward to a twisty road where this car belongs, and the M2 CS shows why it’s the ultimate M2. Now, it’s important to take a step back and realize that this car’s magical feeling on the road is largely attributable to the M2 family in general, and not the CS model specifically. This is good news for you, too, because while the CS is done with the 2020 model year, you can still pick up a 2021 M2 Competition.

“What makes the M2s drive like they do is the super-short wheelbase and compact size that make it a nonstop tail-happy-driving car. Start applying throttle mid-corner, and the M2 CS is happy to oblige with a quick side step or full slide, dealer’s choice. The way it squirts from corner to corner is addictively fun. It demands driver involvement and focus on the task at hand, but can be tamed with a properly guided hand. That’s good, because full-throttle acceleration will have you gently see-sawing at the wheel.”

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If you want this opportunity to own this ultimate driving machine, enter here. The deadline to enter is November 19, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.