Geneva Motor Show cancelled yet again

We’ve seen quite a few cancellations, postponements and general plan changes for almost every auto show in the last year and a half, and they just keep coming. The organizers of the Geneva Motor Show have announced that the 2022 event has been cancelled, with the show opening again in 2023. This marks the third time in a row the show has been cancelled.

The first cancellation was at nearly the last possible minute in 2020. The show was supposed to open shortly after the coronavirus pandemic began spreading through Europe, and it was closed out of concerns for public health. It wasn’t an easy decision considering the show was having some financial difficulties – which is a bit ironic considering the show is known for its exhibition of some of the most expensive and high-end automobiles in the world. And the 2021 event’s cancellation was announced in the summer of 2020 with no signs of an effective method for combating the infection.

This latest cancellation comes back to the pandemic, but for slightly more complex reasons, at least according to the organizers. Apparently some exhibitors were either pulling out of the event or unable to commit to a booth. The reasons the organizers said they’ve heard have been both general health concerns as well as some financial issues that could be related to difficulty getting components and computer chips. The show organizers also noted difficulties with international travel due to the pandemic. So with all these issues, they cancelled the show, which was set for this coming February.

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