We Hope Aston Martin’s Electric Supercar Looks This Good

That, and style. They are achingly beautiful cars, and an amateur car designer recently sorted that problem for Aston Martin.The car you see here was created by Dejan Hristov using nothing more than Adobe Photoshop. Isn’t it great how software democratized the design process?It’s called the Vanteon, which is an epic name. The word doesn’t have a definition or a story, though it is already used in the telecommunications industry. To us, a Vanteon sounds like the double lightsaber used by Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace. “Bow before me, or I shall cut you down with my trusty double-bladed lightsaber, Vanteon.”The car itself looks just as cool as Maul’s chosen weapon. It uses historic Aston Martin design cues while incorporating new design features.
Source: carbuzz.com