New Acura Integra teased, and it looks good

We’ve been expecting a number of big announcements and debuts this week, like the two-row Jeep Grand Cherokee and Rolls-Royce’s “historic” announcement about electrification, both happening tomorrow. What we weren’t expecting was Acura to shock us again with another Integra tease. Honda’s luxury arm posted a seven-second clip to Twitter flashing the new Integra’s rear-three-quarter. That tweet came with a link to a landing page at Acura’s site with the image you see above. 

Although the ILX features the same design language, the switch to a hatch gives us late-model Hyundai Genesis Coupe vibes. That’s not a ding on the Integra, and we have faith in what’s to come.

Other than realizing the teased Integra tailgate has a completely different shutline to the 2022 Honda Civic hatchback, the only info we have on the car came in the caption above the image: “Integra Returns In 2022. The fifth-generation Integra will be a premium sport compact with a striking five-door design. More details about the all-new Integra will be available closer to its 2022 introduction.” Most of this we already knew from the first teaser that dropped in August. The single new addition to our knowledge is the word “sport.”

This is a fertile time for reborn nameplates, although not every attempt has stuck the landing — looking at you, Acura NSX and Lamborghini Countach. When the Autoblog staff mooted ideas for what they’d like a new Integra to be, this writer liked Road Test Editor and Integra owner Zac Palmer’s wish for “a small, affordable car directed toward enthusiasts,” the kind Acura hasn’t had for a while. A commenter’s note on that line suggested “The first-gen TSX could probably be considered that car.” The first-gen TSX was special, and offered a manual transmission. We’d be happy with a return of the original Integra and TSX philosophies with modern underpinnings.

Whatever we get, we hope Acura gets it bang on this time. It can’t be that hard to re-create a legendary nameplate that lasted 21 years and still compels pining and lust, can it? Until the next digital hint drops, we’ll go back to pretending not to wait for a surprise from Japan.

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