Ford gigantic ‘Blue Oval City’ to build next-gen electric F-Series trucks

Ford just announced it’s going to dump boatloads of money into Tennessee and Kentucky to create a couple of mega sites for electric vehicle production. In clearer terms, Ford and SK Innovation are investing $11.4 billion in a couple of massive projects in these states, all with EV production in mind.

The first of the investments is a new $5.6 billion “mega campus” in Stanton, Tenn. It’s going to be formally named “Blue Oval City,” because it’s literally going to be as big as a city. The complex will comprise 3,600 acres — almost 6 square miles. Ford plans on using it for vehicle assembly, battery production and a supplier park. It will be the home of approximately 6,000 new jobs and will serve as “a hive of technical innovation” to build next-gen electric F-Series trucks. Ford says it will be a vertically integrated system and feature numerous sustainability solutions and use renewable resources. The goal of the plant will be total carbon neutrality by the projected start of production in 2025. 

Another $5.8 billion is being spent by Ford in conjunction with SK Innovation to build something called the BlueOvalSK Battery Park in Glendale, Ky. This complex doesn’t get the same, snappy “city” moniker as the Tennessee complex does, but it’s still massive at 1,500 acres. The Battery Park will have two battery plants, both dedicated to supplying Ford’s assembly plants with locally produced battery packs. Ford isn’t getting too specific about what cars these battery packs will go into other than saying they’ll be for both Ford and Lincoln vehicles. In total, Ford predicts the plant will produce up to 86 GWh annually. The plant will be the home of 5,000 new jobs in Kentucky.

“This is our moment – our biggest investment ever – to help build a better future for America,” says Jim Farley, Ford CEO. “We are moving now to deliver breakthrough electric vehicles for the many rather than the few. It’s about creating good jobs that support American families, an ultra-efficient, carbon-neutral manufacturing system, and a growing business that delivers value for communities, dealers and shareholders.”

The overall investment between Ford and SK Innovation announced today is $11.4 billion, but note that Ford is responsible for $7 billion, while SK is handling the rest.

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