James Bond-Inspired Aston Martin Toy Costs $123,000

Aston Martin hasn’t said if the No Time To Die Edition gets the 6.7-horsepower electric motor from the base DB5 Junior, or if it will receive the juiced-up 13.4-hp version from the DB5 Vantage Junior. Either way, the car includes several drive modes that limit the power, in case your child is too young to handle a 30 mph top speed. This special edition model will reportedly travel 80 miles on a charge, roughly double the standard version’s range.As we expected, pricing is steep, starting at £90,000 (around $123,000). That’s more than twice the price of the DB5 Vantage Junior. The No Time To Die Edition is much rarer though, with only 125 units planned for production. If you want one for your kids, pre-orders are open now at 007junior.com.
Source: carbuzz.com