The 2021 Jaguar F-Pace SVR Is The World’s Craziest SUV

“Woah, it’s green,” we exclaimed as the F-Pace SVR was dropped on our doorstep. In fact, this color is known as British Racing Green, and it’s only one of several amazing hues available for this model. F-Pace SVR buyers have access to one of the best color palettes we’ve ever seen on an SUV. The wild no-cost options include Ultra Blue and Firenze Red, while more flamboyant options are available for $4,550, including Sunset Gold, Tourmaline Brown, Velocity Blue, Petrolix Blue, Sanguinello Orange, Atacama Orange, and Sorrento Yellow. An impressive assortment. Many of these colors, British Racing Green included, can be optioned in a matte finish for a sky-high cost of $10,270.Our matte BRG tester drew stares in traffic from luxury SUV drivers who wished their vehicle was half as interesting. The F-Pace was an attractive vehicle before the facelift, but we think it’s even prettier now, especially in SVR guise. The F-Pace SVR looks like the SUV a movie villain would use to drive their kids to school. We love the available 22-inch black wheels with satin grey inserts, which match the SVR’s matte grille grille and vent surrounds.