2022 Ford Edge rumored to go AWD-only

According to Ford Authority‘s sources, Ford is realigning a couple of drivetrains on products for the coming model year. First up, the 2022 Ford Edge is rumored to be going all-wheel-drive only. Right now, four of five Edge trims — the SE, SEL, ST-Line, and Titanium — come standard with front-wheel drive and charge $1,995 to add all-wheel drive. The Edge ST is the only trim right now to include all-wheel drive standard. If this ends up being the case, the question is whether Ford tacks on the current retail price for AWD to the 2022 Edge. Assuming everything else remains the same, that would make the 2022 Edge start at $35,990 instead of $33,995. The 2022 Edge Titanium would start at $42,180 instead of $40.185.  

The move would have the 2022 Edge join the Escape-based Bronco Sport and Ranger-based Bronco as the only models in Ford’s lineup with no option to drive a single axle.

On the SUV side, sources also told Ford Authority that the Explorer ST will perform the same trick in reverse. Instead of coming with AWD standard as it does now, the 2022 Explorer ST will make rear-wheel-drive standard, and AWD an option. To add AWD will require checking the box for either the Enthusiast Package 400A or the High Package 401A. Ford already made this kind of switch on the Explorer Platinum, taking that flagship trim from standard AWD to standard RWD. The Explorer Platinum makes Ford’s Intelligent 4WD a standalone $1,250 option. The Explorer’s luxury platform-mate, the Lincoln Aviator, was already a standard rear-driver, with Lincoln charging $1,510 for all-wheel drive as a standalone option.

Lumping AWD into a package would be a departure on the Explorer ST, so we’ll have to see what other changes this brings, assuming it happens. At the moment, the 400A package is referred to as the Enthusiast ST and is basically the standard Explorer ST, a less expensive trim added this year as a way to lower the base MSRP by about $4,000. And the 401A package replaces the technology features Ford removed in order to create the Enthusiast ST. Dropping AWD next year as standard equipment can be expected to lower the base MSRP further, and we wonder if or how Ford will rework other standard features in the two packages while adding AWD. 

Source: AutoBlog.com