Acura NSX to end production in blaze of glory with Type S

Production of the Acura NSX is coming to an end after the 2022 model year. Before it goes, though, Acura is promising one last hurrah, in the form of a Type S variant. Said to have performance improvements and limited production, it will prove to be the ultimate form of Honda’s second-generation supercar.

So far, Acura has only released some teasers and a few vague statements. Now, normally when car companies make ambiguous declarations about improved performance, that means something like stiffer shocks or bigger rims (after all, handling is a form of performance, no?). In this case, Acura specifically says the NSX Type S will have more power and quicker acceleration in addition to sharper handling. That’s some real talk, even if no hard figures were provided at this time.

From the teasers, we can see a few visual signifiers that will distinguish the Type S from regular NSXes. Firstly, the engine cover is finished in red, a color that has traditionally been reserved for high-performance Hondas like the Type R Civic, Integra, and the NSX of the ’90s. Much of the brightwork seems to be blacked out, like the door handles and rear badge. They’ve also added a small Type S emblem located just in front of the rear wheels.

Only 350 Type S variants will be built, with 300 of them allocated for the U.S. market. And it looks like the regular NSX may not even be available. Acura’s website no longer shows the regular NSX. Only the Type S is shown under the model selection menu.

Prices of the first-generation NSX, introduced in 1990 and considered one of the best supercars of its era, have been on a steady rise in recent years. It’s hard to say whether this generation NSX will follow suit in the collectors’ market decades from now, as despite positive reviews it never quite caught with brand-conscious buyers. But if it does end up becoming a sought-after classic, though, the Type S will surely be worth a hefty premium. The NSX Type S will be fully revealed on August 12.