GM shares rare photos of long-lost 2+2 Corvette concept

GM Design shared photos of a long-lost Chevrolet Corvette 2+2 concept developed in the early 1960s. The C2-based fiberglass buck apparently never moved under its own power and was eventually crushed. 


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Per GM Authority, the design was intended to address the existence of the Ford Thunderbird, but if you ask us, the split-window-based mock-up looks like a cross between the Corvette on which it’s based and some notable European grand tourers. That’s no accident, as GM reportedly brought in a Ferrari as inspiration for the project. 

The elongated rear allegedly made room for two adult passengers. Viewed in profile, it’s a bit jarring, and somewhat reminiscent of the Mazda RX-8, in that the design is relatively coherent in a vacuum but still gives off the vibe that it was originally conceived as a two-seater. 

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