Something new from Dodge is coming on July 8, but it’s still a mystery

There’s Dodge muscle car news coming soon, but we don’t know what it’ll be yet. Muscle Cars and Trucks recently published a report wherein it interviewed Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis and asked him about what’s coming down the pipeline.

“Tune in July 8 … we will have some pretty interesting stuff July 8” is all Kuniskis is quoted to say in respect to this news.

July 8 is only a week and one day away at this point, so that means we should be seeing something fast and new from Dodge by Thursday next week. Unfortunately, Kuniskis did not offer any hints about what exactly this new product will be. The question to Kuniskis was posed in the context of Dodge “reinventing the muscle car,” which stems from a separate Muscle Cars and Trucks report published back in May.

“Everybody knows electrification is coming, we’ll reinvent the muscle car as far as Dodge is concerned,” Matt McAlear, head of Dodge Sales Operations told MC&T. “I’m extremely excited about where the future is going, but right now everybody is enjoying ‘the bachelor party.’ This is the last hurrah.”

Whether or not Kuniskis is teasing a hybrid muscle car or a continuation of said combustion engine “bachelor party” is still unclear. Either way, we’re excited to see what Dodge has to show us next week. 

Beyond a possible product tease or reveal on July 8, Kuniskis also revealed that Dodge will be pushing out something new around SEMA time. That’s at the start of November this year, and it’s a destination where pretty much any kind of a performance car reveal goes. Once again, we’re not sure what it will be, but the electrification rumors are still out there hanging. Whether or not Dodge begins electrifying this year or in the years to come, there’s no doubt now that it’s in the works.

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