1-Of-3 Vantage Roadster Celebrates Aston Martin’s Oldest Car

Among the overtly retro features are unique side fenders with a saddle leather strap. This is quite special, as “the hand-polished panel has been painstakingly finished by Ecurie Bertelli, the leading specialist in pre-war Aston Martin models. Adding to this design is the engraved ‘No 3’ as a representation of the stamping seen on the original.” Bronze brake calipers are another stand-out feature, and they definitely catch your attention behind lightweight forged Gloss Black wheels.Naturally, no special edition is complete without interior work, so micro-perforated fluted seats are fitted along with an embroidered Aston Martin script on the rear cubby lid. It’s the same script from 1921, of course. The cabin is based on the Obsidian Black interior specification and is further enhanced by Chestnut Tan leather accents and contrast stitching, but the bespoke brass rotaries are arguably the best piece of this stunning puzzle. Finally, the center console is embossed with a period-correct heritage Aston Martin logo.There’s no word on price, but with orders open for just three examples, expect to spend big.
Source: carbuzz.com