Ferrari 812 Superfast limited edition model’s V12 will rev to 9,500 rpm

There’s a new Ferrari 812 Superfast variant out today. We don’t know the car’s full name yet, but we do know it’s going to be extremely rad.

Under the long hood is Ferrari’s latest iteration of its 6.5-liter V12 engine. In this limited edition model, it’s making 818 horsepower and revs to 9,500 rpm. Yes, this naturally aspirated V12 engine will rev to 9,500. We may shed a tear or two of happiness after hearing this engine from the driver’s seat for the first time. The standard 812 Superfast engine only revs to 8,900 rpm and only makes 789 horsepower, so Ferrari has gone and found an extra 600 rpm for this new model. How? Ferrari says it redesigned many of the engine’s key components, engineered a new valve timing mechanism and fitted a new exhaust system. Both the new horsepower figure and redline are the highest of any Ferrari road car, beating out the Monza SP1 and SP2 for the top honors.

In addition to the improved engine, Ferrari went to work on the handling. This 812 will feature all-wheel steering for improved agility and responsiveness. A new version of Ferrari’s smart “Side Slip Control” (7.0) is debuting with it, and weight is down, too. Ferrari says it saved pounds by using more carbon fiber on the exterior and in the cockpit. The most obvious slab of carbon fiber is across the car’s hood with a giant blade that runs from edge to edge — it’s meant to make the car look wider and different from other 812 Superfast models.

The visual changes between this limited edition model and other 812s also improve the car’s aerodynamics. It has a new rear diffuser and front air intakes, plus Ferrari added vortex generators. You’ll see the “rear window” is completely replaced with a single-piece aluminum structure that houses those vortex generators. It’s meant to improve downforce, but it’s a design element that differentiates it from the standard 812, too. Out back, there’s a larger rear spoiler for even more downforce.

Ferrari only provided a single interior photo. It’s largely the same as the standard 812, but the door panel was redesigned to reduce weight. Plus, there’s a new “H-gate” theme for the tunnel to give the car a sportier and more modern appearance.

Full details and more photos of this 812 limited edition model will be available on May 5 when Ferrari will host a live stream reveal event on its social media channels.

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