Italian kart racer gets 15-year FIA ban for bumper-throwing incident

Tempers can run hot in motor racing, but regardless of the intensity of the competition, drivers need to keep it together better than Luca Corberi, who was competing in an FIA World Karting Championship event in Italy last fall. After being sidelined from the race, Corberi threw a piece of bodywork from his kart at a rival racer on the track. Corberi missed his intended target but another driver struck the errant bumper. And after the race was over, Corberi charged at his rival and started punching him.

Both incidents were captured on video and posted on the @F1FeederSeries1 Twitter account (via The Drive).

Now, six months later, the FIA has handed Corberi a 15-year ban from all motor racing sanctioned by the organization.

After the incident, Corberi took to Facebook to issue an apology for attacking racer Paolo Ippolito, with whom he had tangled on the track. “I’d like to apologize to the motorsport community for what I’ve done,” he wrote, adding that he was quitting motorsports competition for life.

The FIA ban, at least, helps cement that decision. Meanwhile, Corberi might want to consider some anger-management classes.

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