Aston Martin Pastel Collection Is Ready For Summer

Are you looking for a new Aston Martin to fit your summer wardrobe? Well, you’re in luck because Aston Martin Newport Beach in California is selling a collection of specialized Aston Martins with a summery pastel paint theme. This unique offering is exclusive to Aston Martin Newport Beach so you’ll need to head to California and pick up your bespoke Aston Martin.

Aston Martin Newport Beach has five unique pastel-colored Aston Martin models to choose from. First, we have a 2021 Vantage Coupe painted in Ultra Violet purple powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine. This unique Vantage V8 is VIN Number SCFSMGAW3MGN05375 and will be available for a limited amount of time.

If the coupe Vantage isn’t your thing Aston Martin Newport Beach also offers a convertible Vantage painted in a unique shade of Cardamom Violet. This V8-powered convertible is the perfect car to cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway and hit the beach.

Maybe you don’t want a coupe and need the convenience of an SUV. Well Aston Martin Newport Beach has a DBX SUV painted a unique Vibrant Coral. This interesting shade of pink will help you stand out against the backdrop of gray SUVs the fill roads around the world.

If you want the top-tier Aston Martin DB11 and you need a special pastel color scheme. Well perfect, because Aston Martin Newport Beach offers a DB11 V8 coupe painted in Butterfly Teal. For those who prefer convertibles, you can pick up a DB11 Volante painted in Clear Water which is a beautiful light blue color.

This unique collection of pastel-colored Aston Martins will be the perfect company for your summer adventures. There are far too many gray Aston Martins in the world so this dash of color is a welcomed addition.