Who knew? Apparently the two-door ’88 Jeep Cherokee Limited was a thing

“Whoa, I didn’t know that was a thing!”

That’s pretty much how all the Autoblog editors who saw this 1988 Jeep Cherokee Limited reacted when they noticed it only had two doors. We knew a two-door Cherokee existed and knew that the Cherokee Limited was a thing (my father even owned one in this very color combo), but a two-door Limited? Wow, you don’t say.

Now, it wasn’t like Jeep was hiding the thing. Far from it, as it was prominently featured in the 1989 Jeep all-line brochure. Still, as the listing by selling dealer Worldwide Vintage Autos notes, this was indeed a rare Jeep. That it seems to be in great shape with only two owners and 103,354 miles on the clock makes it all the more appealing.

According to the specs, the two- and four-door Cherokees apparently had the same wheelbase and length, along with key interior dimensions. It was a bit a lighter, but really, the key differentiator here really is the lack of rear doors. Now, what did you get with the Limited besides those swell gold wheels with matching gold badging, stripes and snazzy Limited sticker? The 4.0-liter inline-six (177 horsepower, 224 pound-feet) and four-speed automatic came standard, so there’s no four-cylinder manual Limited two-door we have to worry about. Standard equipment was also robust, as the Limited added fog lamps, dual electric mirrors, power locks and windows, keyless entry, full gauges, power front seats, slightly ruched leather upholstery, a tilting leather-wrapped steering wheel, the “extra-quiet insulation package,” a roof rack, and a six-speaker Accusound by Jensen sound system with a power antenna and cassette deck. Though a few of these were at least available on the next-down Laredo, most was exclusive to the Limited. I know my father certainly appreciated all the extra equipment his Cherokee Limited had compared to his more modestly equipped ’87. That it didn’t go through two transmissions within two years was an improvement as well.  

This is not the first two-door Cherokee I’ve unearthed, nor is it the second for that matter. Geez, apparently I have an eye for these things. Nevertheless, it’s a distinctly different flavor since it’s one of the fancy pants Limited versions. It has the same capability as any other automatic-equipped Cherokee at the time, so it’s not like we’re talking about today’s fancy-pants 4Runner Limited here. You could still get it just as dirty despite those gold wheels. 

Again, you can find the 1988 Jeep Cherokee Limited Two-Door listing here at Worldwide Vintage Autos. 

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Source: AutoBlog.com