New ‘Fast and Furious 9’ trailer takes franchise to the edge of space

Way back in 2017, one of the writers for the “Fast and Furious” series seemingly joked about somehow getting the characters to space. Well, that actually seems to be happening in the latest installment, “Fast and Furious 9.”

At the end of the new trailer, shown above, characters Tej and Roman don makeshift space suits to take a car converted to a rocket ship to the edge of outer space. And it looks like it might be the final iteration of the rocket-powered Fiero we’ve seen in an earlier trailer. No, we didn’t make any of this up.

That’s only part of the crazy action featured in trailer. We also see gigantic magnets being used to push and pull the presumed bad guys’ trucks around on streets. Helen Mirren does a handbrake turn in classiest way. And it looks like Dom tries to smash a flaming armored big rig into a futuristic stealth jet. Again, this is all stuff that’s actually going to be in the movie.

The movie comes out on June 25. It looks like it will only open in theaters, unlike some movies that have been coming to streaming services simultaneously.

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