2020 Ford Mustang Bullitt ends production at Flat Rock plant

The last Ford Mustang Bullitt has rolled off the assembly line at the Blue Oval’s Flat Rock, Michigan, plant. The Steve McQueen movie-inspired pony car is not on the roster for 2021, so the final car is a 2020 model, coming off the heels of a two-year production run.

The final run was confirmed by Mustang spokesperson Berj Alexanian to Ford Authority in an article published yesterday. Construction was completed sometime late last year.

The Mustang Bullitt began life in 2001 as a special edition of the SN95 Mustang GT. With a freer-breathing 4.6-liter V8 putting out five horsepower over the standard GT, an improved suspension with Tokico shocks and Cobra brakes, and Cragar-style wheels, it was built as a tribute to the 1968 film “Bullitt.”

The movie featured a Highland Green ’68 Fastback dueling with a same-year Dodge Charger in what is widely considered one of the greatest car chase sequences of all time. McQueen played Lt. Frank Bullitt of the San Francisco police, and the chase took place over the city’s many hilly streets, resulting in spectacular jumps.

A second Bullitt edition based on the S197 chassis was built in 2008-09. It came with a 15-horsepower increase, throatier exhaust, sportier suspension, and a GT500KR rear end.

The third and final Bullitt was unveiled at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show — next to one of the original 1968 cars used in the movie, a car that had been in hiding for decades. The homage had the biggest horsepower gain of the three, a 20-pony jump to 480. Unique instrumentation, upholstery stitching, and shift knob were part of the package.

Throughout the iterations, the only two colors offered on Bullitt Mustangs were Highland Green and black (except for a Kona Blue one-off built for charity). For 2021, the Bullitt will be replaced with the Mach 1, which offers all of the Bullitt’s important upgrades but will have a greater range of options and colors.

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Source: AutoBlog.com