Volvo will give away cars worth $2 million if a safety is scored in the Super Bowl

Volvo put $1 million worth of free cars on the line at last year’s Super Bowl. For this year’s Super Bowl LV, Volvo is doing it again, but it’s doubling the prize potential. If a safety is recorded in the big game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs on February 7, Volvo is pledging to give away $2 million worth of new cars.

Requiring a safety to be scored to trigger the giveaway is an apt trigger for Volvo — the Swedish car company never stops talking about vehicle safety, and after all, Volvo did invent the safety belt. Last year’s big game didn’t see a single safety, so no cars were given away. We can all hope for different results in 2021, especially now that Volvo is doubling the value of its giveaway.

Anybody who wants to enter can go to, then click the “Build yours” link from that page. To our delight, you can choose any Volvo to enter, even the Polestar Engineered models. Configure it to your heart’s delight (i.e. check every option box) and then click the option that says “Try to win this Volvo” on the summary page. After your entry is in, it’s up to the Chiefs and Buccaneers. With luck, there will be a safety scored, and a bunch of folks will score a new Volvo of their choice.

In case you’re one of those viewers who only watches for the commercials, here’s a quick football terminology refresher: A safety is when the defense tackles a player who has the ball on offense in their own endzone. An offensive fumble into and out of the endzone, or a penalty on the offense that occurs in the endzone will also trigger a safety. Regardless, it’s an extremely rare occurrence. A total of 24 safeties were recorded throughout this year’s NFL season, though, so it’s not totally impossible. We’ll also note that the Chiefs and Buccaneers can account for one each out of the 24 total. With Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady handling the ball on either side, the chances are likely even lower than normal.

Even if you have no stake in the game, you have something to root for now. Let’s go, safeties. 

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