This Audi RS 6 Avant will knock your socks off and it’s being given away

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There’s nothing a group of auto writers love more than a performance wagon (except maybe a performance wagon that is also brown) and Omaze is giving away a great one: the Audi RS 6 Avant. 

Win an Audi RS 6 Avant and $20,000 – Enter at Omaze

Here’s what we thought about the RS 6 when we first got behind the wheel:

“The seriousness of this vehicle becomes evident after the first full throttle application. Those 591 twin-turbocharged horses propel this wagon forward at rates of speed that’ll have seasoned enthusiasts white knuckling the steering wheel. Its launch control feature is less chest punch and more jet takeoff. You whoosh away with nary the scratch of a tire, and the speed builds instantly to the point of being unable to lift your neck from the seatback. It feels a few tenths quicker than 3.5 seconds, and the sensation of acceleration has no letup as speeds climb higher. It’s a shame we’re driving this wagon in Michigan and not the autobahn, because the 190-mph top speed feels like it’d arrive quickly. And do note that you’ll need the $8,500 carbon ceramic brake package to hit 190 mph, because the standard brakes saddle you with a 155-mph speed limiter.

Acceleration is obviously relentless, but the sound coming from the RS 6 Avant is a tale of two stories. It’s a bassy, baritone trumpet from the inside, but from the rear bumper, the optional Sport Exhaust sounds like a heavy metal death jam. The gravelly, munching sound it makes is gnarly times 10. We only wish we could hear it chopping away from the cabin. Thanks, sound deadening. Downshifts are met with light crackling and popping, but it flies under the radar unless you’re really listening for it.

Being blow-your-head-off-fast is something Audi has done well for years, though. Handling has been a different story, especially in past A6-based RS models. On paper, the RS 6 Avant’s 55/45 front-to-rear weight distribution sounds like Audi has goofed once again by shoving that big V8 too far forward of the front axle. In practice, this wagon doesn’t have a whiff of understeer or feeling of front-heaviness on winding country roads. Turn-in is quick, as the all-wheel-steering system and a quick rack mask the wagon’s 4,960-pound weight (it’s nearly 500 pounds more than the A6 Allroad). 

Smooth roads showcase the RS 6’s handling abilities best, as it carves through corners with superb body control with the suspension fully stiffened up. The air suspension shows a few flaws on less pleasant surfaces, as there’s a level of bounciness and incoordination that creeps in no matter the damper setting. It never fully settles into the road, causing a level of discomfort and bouncing around for the driver. Tighter-hugging bucket seats could help quell this to a degree, but we’ll chalk the harshness and less-than-stellar damping control up to the big 22-inch wheels and air springs.

In situations with fewer Gs, the air suspension is a godsend. Anybody could daily this wagon in full comfort mode every day and never complain. We didn’t have an A6 Allroad to drive alongside this RS 6, but it’s hard to believe the non-performance wagon would be much more relaxing and pleasant to pop around town in. The quiet V8 rumble all but fades away into the background if you keep the revs low, and it fully disappears when coasting up to lights and when stopped with the 48-volt mild-hybrid technology switching the engine off. Audi’s priorities are in the right place, as folks who buy the RS 6 Avant almost certainly have real wagon needs. Setting fast laps at a track day can immediately be followed up with a long highway slog home wherein your kid sleeps the whole way back. If a one-car solution is what you’re after, the RS 6 Avant is exactly what the chef is serving.”

If that iron-clad recommendation isn’t enough to get you to enter to win this wagon, then how about this: the car comes with $20,000 cash and all of the taxes and delivery fees covered. Plus, when you enter this giveaway you help out a worthy cause, namely, the Petersen Automotive Museum, which, according to Omaze, “explores and presents the history of the automobile and its impact on global life and culture, using Los Angeles as the prime example. The museum acts as a progressive center for automotive research and collecting, which includes reaching underserved communities. Your generosity will help the museum extend its education programs both onsite and online and aid the museum in the development of new exhibitions, community events and preservation activities.”

If you want this wagon sitting in your driveway, enter here. The deadline is April 23, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. PT.