Detroit Auto Show cancels 2021 plans, merges this year’s event with Motor Bella

Despite already being scheduled for the fall and having the potential for opening as planned if vaccinations bring the coronavirus pandemic under control, the Detroit Auto Show has been canceled. Or it sort of has been canceled. Instead of running its normal events in downtown Detroit, it’s merging with an event that had been planned for last year called Motor Bella that will be held at the M1 Concourse race track in Pontiac, Mich. That event was going to mainly be a show for classic Italian and British cars held in conjunction with the Detroit Auto Show.

Based on the description given by M1 and the Detroit Auto Show organizers, it seems like this event might not be massively different from other shows. All variety of brands will be showcasing cars, there will be new car debuts, as well as press previews and special exhibits and presentations related to autonomy called Automobili-D. This will all be followed by public days for people to come see the cars and activities.

The main differences from what would’ve been a normal Detroit Auto Show seem to be the fact that it will be held at M1 Concourse, entirely outside, and having the track will present opportunities. Exhibitors will be able to run cars on the track, whether that’s for special showcases of performance cars, or possibly taking visitors on rides.

The Motor Bella event will run from Sept. 21 through Sept. 26. The public days will be from Sept. 23 through Sept. 26. That’s slightly earlier than the initial dates for the Detroit Auto Show. And it’s fewer public days than typical for the Detroit show.

We’re expecting Motor Bella to happen, since coronavirus vaccines will have hopefully been widely distributed, but if we learned anything from last year, expect the unexpected.