Fisker electric pickup truck previewed in rendering

Fisker CEO and car designer Henrik Fisker has posted an illustration of an electric pickup, promising class-leading efficiency and radical design. The rendered truck features muscular flared fenders, a rooftop spoiler that doubles as a center high-mount stop light (CHMSL), and neat taillights that extend onto the bedsides. It’s billed as a lifestyle vehicle rather than a workhorse, and does not wear any obvious name on the tailgate.

The image was posted to Fisker’s personal LinkedIn profile, as discovered by CarBuzz, along with the following caption: “Ok, yes, next vehicle might be a lifestyle pick up truck! But not just any truck! We want to create the lightest, most efficient EV pick up in the world! Making it, the most sustainable! image is just a teaser! Not the final: final will be way more radical!”

While Fisker’s excitement is conspicuous, and the truck does look cool, we can’t help but question whether a production version is actually coming. About a year ago, Fisker tweeted an image of a pickup truck named the Alaska and then quickly deleted it. It had been captioned, “After our Fisker electric SUV, we have already decided on our next 2 EV’s on the same platform!” referring to what turned out to be the Ocean crossover.

Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be revealed just yet, or perhaps the timing was poor, considering that it came just days after a huge round of layoffs. In fact, Fisker has been bleeding talent, with one whistleblower claiming that the company is putting on a smoke-and-mirrors show to grab more cash from its Chinese investors.

Whether or not the truck is vaporware, the projected timeline puts production sometime around 2025. It will be entering a very crowded marketplace, with 10 possible competitors coming to the EV pickup market, some coming from far more established players. As we said when Fisker showed the Ocean last July, it’s proven it can talk the talk. Now it has to walk the walk.

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