Lamborghini Urus recalled due to a fire risk

The Lamborghini Urus is being recalled due to a potential fire risk. Documents submitted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website say the defect is due to the “integrity of the quick connector of the fuel line located in the engine compartment.” The connector may become compromised, which could result in fuel leakage.

Of course, where there is fuel leakage, there is also the risk of a fire starting in the engine bay. How does this quick connector become compromised, you ask? Lamborghini provides this as an explanation: “In rare instances high engine compartment temperatures subject the quick connectors to temperatures above the design operating specification limit. These elevated temperatures can lead to the quick connect material softening which could potentially result in a fuel leak.”

If you happen to own a Urus, the first sign of an issue will be a fuel odor in the engine compartment. Lamborghini said it became aware of the issue after Porsche AG identified it in 2019, and it’s been tracking field vehicles ever since. In July this year, Lamborghini said it started to receive complaints from customers, which prompted a second investigation done by Lamborghini.

There are a total of 2,831 Urus being recalled, spanning model years 2019-2020. All of those vehicles will need to go to the dealer for a newly designed fuel line quick connector. Lamborghini says the labor time is only one hour, so you won’t be without your Urus for long. All work will be taken care of free of charge. Owners should expect a notification on or before December 18 if their car is affected.

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