Mini Countryman X-Raid gets some off-road chops courtesy of the Dakar team

Mini trades on its heritage quite a bit, particularly when it comes to racing. But one aspect of its motorsports history has been difficult to capitalize on: Dakar off-road racing. That’s understandable, considering the disparity between Mini’s road-going cars and the Mini-branded trucks built by X-Raid that do the racing. X-Raid itself seems to have figured out how to bridge that gap with its own set of upgrades for the Mini Countryman.

X-Raid’s example for its off-road upgrades is a Mini Cooper S Countryman All4, though we would expect the various parts could just as easily be fitted to other Countryman variants such as the base 134-horsepower Cooper Countryman. The S makes more sense for a racing company what with its 189-horepower turbocharged four-cylinder and the All4 offers off-road friendly all-wheel drive. Though Mini doesn’t go into specifics about the suspension and chassis upgrades, we know that there is some level of suspension lift, as well as 28-inch all-terrain tires mounted on what appear to be 17-inch beadlock wheels. These modifications give the Mini Cooper S Countryman Powered by X-Raid (yes, that’s the actual full name of the car) an extra 1.6 inch of ground clearance.

As with the parts list, Mini and X-Raid haven’t given precise pricing or availability for the parts. X-Raid is a German company, and we suspect it’s only planning on selling the parts in Europe, but we wouldn’t be surprised if there were a way to have them ship to the U.S. If you’re interested in getting your own, Mini says to contact X-Raid directly for more details, and you can find their contact info at their official site, linked here.

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