Aston Martin DBX And Vantage Get Giant Price Cuts In The US

While things are not looking particularly good at Aston Martin these days, the company’s first SUV, the DBX, is finally on the production lines bringing some positivism about the future. It’s a global model aimed mostly at customers in China and the United States, and it turns out the British brand doesn’t want its clients to pay different prices for its products depending on the region they are based in.

Tobias Moers, Aston Martin’s new CEO, told Roadshow he wants to “realign pricing on certain models and derivatives in some markets.” Basically, the company wants you to effectively pay the same amount of money no matter where you live. And that’s why the DBX is becoming cheaper in the US for the 2021 model year.

Aston Martin initially announced the super-luxury SUV will cost $192,986 here but it has decided to drop that price by $13,000 to $179,986. It’s obviously still an expensive purchase but that’s a massive discount that can buy you at least a new set of wheels for your new ride.

In addition, the Vantage family is also getting a significant price cut. According to Roadshow, the 2021 Vantage Coupe wears a price tag of $142,086 with $3,086 for destination included. In other words, it’s $7,000 cheaper than the 2020 model. The 2021 Vantage Roadster, in turn, goes from $164,086 to $150,086 with an included destination, or $14,000 cheaper than before.

The DBX is currently available only with a V8 engine but a V12 version is expected to join the range soon, as well as a hybridized V6. Additional customization options by the brand’s Q personalization division should become available, too.