Aston Martin DB5 Junior is a £42,000, 40mph+ electric toy car 

Following the launch of the Bugatti ‘Baby II’ electric car, the Little Car Company has teamed up with Aston Martin to create the DB5 Junior, as well as a more powerful Vantage version.

The two-thirds scale electric Aston is suitable both for adults and children and, while it is not road legal, those willing and able to meet its £42,000 starting price are likely to have grounds on their property suitable for its range of up to 40 miles.

The three-metre long, 270kg, £42,000 DB5 Junior can be had in two guises. In standard form it comes with a 5.7kW (6.7bhp) electric motor powering the rear wheels, providing a top speed of 30mph and a range of up to 20 miles – although a swappable battery pack allows for almost limitless travel, should spare cells be purchased. Other optional extras include luggage, covers, toolkits and custom number plates.

Those buying a DB5 Junior will be relieved to know driving modes allow for modulation of the top speed. Novice mode sees this capped at 12mph, together with a remote kill switch allowing for the car to be deactivated from up to 30 metres away. Switching to Expert mode increases the maximum speed to 30mph, while Race mode brings a top speed that is “aligned with other Little Car Company models”. For reference, the Bugatti Baby can hit up to 42mph.

Those after greater performance can opt for the Vantage model, which sees power increased to 10kW (13.4bhp), and top speed increased to a “still unconfirmed” level. The Vantage also brings a limited-slip differential and a range of up to 40 miles, together with a window sticker of £54,000.

But the DB5 Junior is about more than straight-line speed and ultimate range. It’s a faithful, if small recreation of the original DB5, with period-correct Aston Martin emblems and Smiths instrumentation, the fuel gauge being replaced by a battery meter, and the oil temperature dial now displaying the temperature of the electric motor.

The Junior’s composite bodywork is as true to the original 1963 model as possible thanks to 3D scanning techniques. The chassis is of an aluminium honeycomb design, the front wheels are sprung with double-wishbone suspension, while the rears feature a period-correct live axle, together with a Panhard rod. 

Other details include 10-inch wire wheels, an authentic-looking steering wheel with quick release for easier entry and egress, and aluminium pedals. The cars come with Silver Birch paint and black leather upholstery as standard, although contemporary Aston Martin options are available, as are vintage finishes. 

Owners of full-size original DB5s will be offered first dibs on the Junior DB5, which is limited to 1,059 examples, echoing the production run of the real deal. The chassis numbers of the Juniors will also be tailored to match those of original cars owned by customers, and any purchase will bring with it membership of the Aston Martin Owners Club. Deposits can be placed from 27 August, with production due to begin in 2021. 

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