Aston Martin DB5 Junior: A Scaled-Down Version Built In Collaboration With ‘The Little Car Company’

According to ‘The Little Car Company’, the Aston Martin DB5 Junior took 15 months to build and features all the elements from the actual car. The Junior is powered by an electric motor with a 1.8kWh battery pack, producing 6.7bhp which is sent to the rear wheels. The DB5 Junior is also said to max out at around 35km/h. The electric powertrain is positioned below the bonnet of the DB5 Junior. The car comes with a detachable battery pack which offers a maximum range of around 25km on a single charge. Power is transmitted to the road via 10-inch wheels with ventilated discs for braking. In terms of dimensions, the Aston Martin DB5 Junior measures 3 metres long and 1.1-metre wide. The Junior is said to easily seat one adult and one child side-by-side. The DB5 Junior is said to be made using aluminium honeycomb chassis and composite materials for the body, to help keep the weight down to 270kg. The DB5 Junior car can be driven around with the power regulated using aluminium billet pedals for both acceleration and braking. The Aston Martin DB5 Junior even carries forward the same suspension setup as the original, this comes in the form of a double-wishbone at the front. The setup of the camber gains and roll centre matches the actual car’s geometry as well. In terms of design and features, the Aston Martin DB5 Junior also comes with the brand’s iconic ‘Aston Martin wings’ shield and the DB5 badges as the original. The instrument cluster also has been replicated to match the iconic 1963 vintage model, although a few changes have been made. This includes the fuel gauge being replaced by the battery meter, while the oil temperature gauge now measures the battery temp. Another interesting feature is the presence of the Smiths clock, carried forward on to the DB5 Junior, similar to that on the original. Apart from this, the Aston Martin DB5 Junior also features working headlamps, taillights, indicators and even a horn. Thoughts On The Aston Martin DB5 Junior The Aston Martin DB5 is one of the most iconic models from the 1960s from the British brand. The car was made even popular with its appearance in various James Bond movies over the years as well. Now, the Aston Martin DB5 Junior is definitely something special, which is sure to grab attention.