Aston Martin DB5 Junior Is The Ultimate Boy’s Toy

For children who are already experienced with karting, the DB5 Vantage Junior model doubles the output to 13.4 hp, increasing the speed to an unconfirmed level. The Vantage version gets a fourth mode to trigger the additional power and top speed, activated by a hidden ‘missile’ switch. This model also receives a limited-slip differential, a carbon fiber body, and a second battery, doubling the range up to 20 to 40 miles.With only 1,059 available, the DB5 Juniors will be allocated first to the owners of original DB5 models with a matching chassis number. Owners can even match their real car with Aston Martin’s full contemporary palette. Production will start in 2021 with prices starting at £35,000 (around $46,000) for the DB5 Junior and £45,000 (around $59,000) for the DB5 Vantage. Deliveries begin worldwide over the next two years.