Scout Kenai truck camper completes the lightweight trio

Scout Campers plans to make its name with lightweight luxury pickup campers packaging thoughtful amenities and innovative solutions for the everyday needs during a bug-out. The new brand started with its mid-sized Olympic, followed that with the compact Yoho, and now introduces the third in its launch trifecta, the big boy Kenai. Designed for heavy duty trucks with short and long beds, the aluminum and composite build for the full-sized unit holds dry weight down to an estimated 1,370 pounds. The Kenai follows the ethos of its smaller brethren, but with stouter components. Instead of the Goal Zero Yeti 1000 lithium power station from the Olympic, there’s a Goal Zero 1500. Instead of a five-cubic-foot gear locker, the Kenai offers 10 cubic feet. Instead of a cubby for a single 10-pound propane tank, the Kenai cubby holds two tanks. And the bed over the cab has been upsized to a fold-out queen, with room for two more occupants in the two single beds made from the L-shaped Convertible Lounge.

Beyond that, there’s a full-length wardrobe inside, lots of shelves, and optional hanging storage bags for those fastidious packers who need what they need out on the trail.

But wait, there’s more. The expanded area makes room for a mud room and designated bathroom space at the entrance. A 360-degree enclosure surrounds a steel drain pan that empties outside the camper, made for rinsing off after adventure. When paired with the RinseKit portable shower stored on a shelf in the bathroom, a hot, pressurized clean-up is possible inside or outside. If showering inside, the curtain attaches to the drain pan so that water ends up outside, not on the Kenai floor. Speaking of bathrooms, the options sheet offers a cassette toilet that empties into a portable 4.75-gallon holding tank, or a Dometic portable 2.6-gallon unit. 

The finer touches found on the other two models show up here, too, like the solar fan and lighting, and the gravity-fed filtered water system good for 10,000 gallons. The Kenai starts at $23,625, and is available to order now at Scout Campers.

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