Drag Battle: Aston Martin DBX Vs. Lamborghini Urus

So on to the race. The two cars line up for the first run, with both engaging their launch control. As the cars bolt off the line, the DBX destroys the Urus off the line, which is greatly unexpected, as the Urus, on paper at least, has a much quicker sprint time. That lead is short-lived however: After third gear the Urus starts clawing back the lead, and by fourth gear it sails past the DBX as if the Brit was standing still. The cars cross the line with the Urus beating the DBX by a nose. The 0-100-0 mph test is up next, and as expected, the Urus gets up to speed quicker, and can then brake faster, narrowly beating the Aston once again. If this has taught us anything, it is that numbers on paper mean little out in the real world.
Source: carbuzz.com