Stank dank in the tank: 350 pounds of pot seized from septic truck

You’ve heard the phrase “sticking your nose in other people’s business,” and that’s exactly what a Fayette County, Texas, deputy did during a traffic stop when he opened the hatch of a septic-service tank truck and discovered 350 pounds of marijuana inside. 

Drug investigator David Smith stopped the truck Tuesday near Flatonia, Texas, which is midway between San Antonio and Houston on Interstate 10, a busy drug smuggling corridor where traffickers typically use commercial vehicles. Smith said the driver appeared nervous and had no license. Her male passenger was also on edge. 

The deputy said the two gave consent to search the truck, but they may not have counted on him so thoroughly discharging his duty. He opened the tank and found “multiple bundles which were wrapped in plastic cellophane, axle grease and tape consistent with illegal narcotics,” said Sheriff Keith Korenek in the Austin American-Statesman. We sincerely hope the bundles were expertly wrapped to be waterproof and everything-proof, because they contained 350 pounds of pot that was bound for a bong near you.

We’ve seen pot smuggled lots of ways over the years, from inside Ford Fusions and Lincoln MKZs again and again, to a senior Santa and Mrs. Claus thoughtfully delivering 60 pounds of Christmas “presents.” But we haven’t seen a pipeline quite this potent.

We leave you with a commenter’s contribution on the sheriff’s Facebook page: “Wow! That’s some good sh*t …”

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