The No. 1 bestselling car jump starter on Amazon is 21% off right now

Car jump starters are one of those things that most people consider “nice to have,” but too few people actually pick one up to keep in their trunk. Sure, you might have a pair of jumper cables, but do you really want to be flagging a total stranger over to help you with a jump when you could just do it yourself? Probably not. Thankfully, jump starters are more portable and more effective than ever nowadays, and Amazon’s bestselling model is available for 21% off the original price right now.

The NOCO Boost Plus GB40 is a 1,000-amp, 12-volt portable car battery jump starter. If you’ve been living under a rock and have never seen one of these before, it’s basically just a one-man-jumper-cable solution. You charge the pack at home, keep it in your car, then when it’s needed you just connect it to your car battery the same way you would with traditional jumper cables, turn your keys and voila, you’ve got a running battery. This one is good for up to 20 jump starts per charge! If you need to use it any more than that on just one charge, you’ve probably got much bigger issues than a dead battery. It also features reverse polarity protection, a water-resistant, lightweight design, and it can even charge USB devices in a pinch as well. 

Amazon reviewer “Online Shopper” (no, seriously, that’s the username) had this to say about the product in their 5-star review titled, “Should be in everyone’s roadside emergency kit”:

“I have had my Noco for over a year and finally had to use it today. My model of car is notorious for being a battery-drainer and I knew there would come a day I needed it. It is Christmas Eve and today was the day that I found a dead battery (of course, on a day I am not about to go get a new battery) but it was exactly zero problem because this Noco had me up and running in mere seconds with an instant start!

“It holds a charge a long, LONG time and I have only freshened up the charge every 4 months or so, whether it needed it or not since I hadn’t used it. Even before I needed it I was impressed enough to give one to each of my adult daughters this Christmas and now I have 100% confidence that if they are ever stuck they can get going immediately! No more stringing jumper cables between stranger’s cars on a dark night, no trying to remember the order of connection between cars, no fear of just getting out there and doing it themselves. Everyone should have one of these in their emergency roadside kit!”

If you think you could use one of these in your roadside kit, now’s the time to grab one since they’re 21% off, bringing the total price down to $99.95. Check it out here.

NOCO Boost Plus Car Jump Starter – $99.95 (21% off) at

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