2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport dealer invoice pricing leaks online

Someone snagged a dealer price list for the 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport, posting the information on the Bronco6G forum. If the information is legit, this would help Bronco buyers understand how much — or in some cases, how little — there is between MSRP and dealer invoice. There are figures for two- and four-door Bronco trims, but none for key details like the Sasquatch package. The Bronco Sport sheet contains trim and option pricing. Note, though, that the invoice numbers include dealer holdback — an amount Ford pays the dealer for sales of new cars. This means the listed invoice price is higher than the dealer’s net price. In truth, a dealer’s real cost depends on so many factors that any information like this should be considered a rough baseline, anyway. Having said all that, let’s do some math.

Starting at the bottom, and including holdback, there’s not too much in it for dealers no matter how many doors one orders on a Bronco. There’s just $427 between invoice and MSRP on the base two-door Bronco, with the margin crossing the four-figure mark on the Bronco Black Diamond at $1,261, rising to $1,798 on the two-door Bronco Wildtrack. We’re ignoring the First Edition models because they’ve all been reserved.

On the four-door side, the differences aren’t much larger: $498 for the base, $1,349 for the Black Diamond, and $1,798 for the four-door Wildtrack.

We broke down Bronco trims and MSRPs after the launch, the invoice pricing reveals a little bit more cream for the sellers.

There’s a $4,629 difference on the invoice pricing sheets between the two-door and four-door base Broncos, and a $4,700 difference between MSRPs for the two trucks. The gaps above that come down by nearly half. The dealer price list shows a $2,407 difference between two- and four-doors on both the Black Diamond and Wildtrak trims, and a $2,409 difference between the two- and four-door Outer Banks and Badlands trims. 

On the Bronco Sport, the price list is most notable for some option prices. The early configurator on the Ford site doesn’t list all the options on the sheet, and some of the options on the configurator aren’t priced yet. After package and driver assistance features, the front and rear mud flap kit leads the way with invoice pricing of $631, an MSRP of $678. Two fender flare kits are priced at $499 each on the showroom floor, while roof-rail crossbars that are only available on the Badlands trim are $340 whether for on-road or off-road use, and a center console vault is $338. Cyber Orange paint is another big-dollar spend at $595 retail, a couple hundred bucks beyond the other two premium colors, Rapid Red Metallic Clearcoat and Alto Blue Metallic Tinted Clearcoat.

Grab the piggy bank and a hammer, and head to the Bronco6G forum for a closer look. Members have already put together a spreadsheet listing dealers that promise no markups over MSRP, including one advertising $1,000 under invoice on a two- or four-door Bronco, another doing $2,000 off MSRP. 

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