5 cool features on the 2021 Ford Bronco

We have the 2021 Ford Bronco two-door and four-door covered from every angle at this point. The return of the Bronco has us pumped to learn more, and we assume you’re looking for the same. So, we thought we’d go over a few cool features you may have overlooked in the hectic reveal.

Here are five things that stand out to us in no particular order of importance.

Slide-out tailgate tray

The Bronco is no pickup truck with a bed, but it does its best impression of one thanks to the slide-out rear tailgate tray. Pictured above, the tray sits underneath the cargo hold until you slide it out. This can be all sorts of convenient as folks with pickups already know.

It sounds especially helpful for stacking a bunch of gear, taking a quick seat or … tailgating. Some SUVs have hatches that offer a similar (but cushier) convenience such as the two-piece hatch in a BMW X5 or Rolls-Royce Cullinan. This feature is also something you won’t find on a Wrangler, but Jeep, there’s no shame in copying something useful like this. Ford has even made it attractive to look at with “FORD” stamped into it next to horizontally-running lines. It looks like a perfect spot to set a beer down when camping, which is a use case that just so happens to relate to one other feature we’ll dive into in this list.

FordPass Performance app with off-road navigation

Alright, hear me out. Fancy infotainment tech gizmos aren’t exactly top of mind when it comes to off-roading, but this bit of software is legitimately cool. Ford’s navigation system includes over 1,000 trail maps from NeoTreks’ AccuTerra Maps, Trails Offroad trail guides and FunTreks trail guides. You don’t need an internet connection to use it, and it works on both the 8-inch and 12-inch touchscreens for a comprehensive off-road navigation system.

That’s cool, but there’s more. You can also record your adventures using the Bronco’s cameras and then share it with whoever you’d like to. Of course, you can also use a GoPro to record, but the Bronco’s app includes a comprehensive set of telemetry and mapping that’s saved on top of the footage. It’s extremely rad. Many sports cars and supercars offer a similar thing for race tracks and lapping telemetry, but now Ford has a system specially built for off-road trails in the Bronco. We dig it.

Disconnecting stabilizer bar

Now for something awesomely mechanical (and electric). The disconnecting front stabilizer bar can be disconnected at load, something you can see happen in real time in the gif above. Being able to do so while the vehicle is under load is a win over the Wrangler Rubicon, which requires you to be on relatively flat terrain for it to disconnect. Ford’s sway bar disconnect appears to happen in a split second, too, whereas the Wrangler’s takes longer. Sure, that’s nit picking, but Ford’s tech is cooler.

If you want a full breakdown of the Bronco’s undersides, check out our suspension deep dive here.

You can put the doors in the back

Here’s yet another convenience Ford has engineered into the new Bronco. Removing the doors is cool, but then you’re left with the conundrum of where to store them. If you have a Wrangler, that location is probably your garage, since there’s no great way to store them inside the vehicle. Ford has thought of a solution. The Bronco comes with protective door bags for all four doors (or two doors) to be put in. Then, they can be stowed in the storage compartment and stay fully protected from damage. Now you can swap between doors on and doors off for highway and off-roading use.

The roof system is rather spectacular, too, but we go into all the details on that in a separate post.

Bottle opener in cargo area

Told you we’d get back to beer (Ford knows its audience). Sure, this one is minor and can easily be rendered pointless by remembering to bring a bottle opener into the wild with you. But what if you forgot? The Bronco has got your back (and so does the Bronco Sport, pictured above, right). Small things like this aren’t game changers in any way, but knowing that the tool you used to get to the campsite is also the tool you’ll use to crack that first drink open at the campfire is just plain cool.

Find the pillar opener, pop the cap and drink up.

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