Special Edition Aston Martin Vantage Thinks It’s An AMR

Now we should make one thing clear; the Aston Martin Vantage AMR Malaysia edition is not an actual AMR, so you don’t get all of the performance parts associated with the name, but you do get most of the looks. The car is a limited edition model that has been created to coincide with the Merdeka celebrations and is the only one of its type in the country. Those in the know will be able to tell from its looks that it’s not the real deal: it lacks the lime green central runner decal, and once seated, the lack of a manual transmission becomes obvious.That being said, this car still looks seriously mean with its Lime Essence graphic highlights on the front grille and rear diffuser; a perfect contrast to the gorgeous Arden Green exterior paint job. Other exterior features include a twill carbon-fiber exterior bodypack with a matt black grille. The roof and side mirrors are finished off in gloss black.
Source: carbuzz.com