Sotheby’s pedal car auction appeals to the kid in all of us

And now for some cuteness: R.M. Sotheby’s is in the middle of an online auction that caught our eye — 53 kiddie pedal cars, offered at no reserve.

The lots date back to the 1920s, but many/most are from the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s. Ford, Chevy, Pontiac, Olds — no matter your affinity, there’s a brand, or at least an American brand, here for you. Some show a bit of wear and tear lovingly inflicted by children who have long since grown up, lived their lives and perhaps moved on to the next one. Others of the cars look pristine. They all are fantastically stylish.

Most of the lots are sampled in the gallery above, but at the auction site there is a full gallery of images for each of the 53.

If one appeals to you, you don’t have much time. The auction ends tomorrow. But unlike other auctions, you won’t need to bring a trailer. These classic cars can be delivered by the FedEx man.