Best Mercedes-AMG Models Of The Tobias Moers Era

When Daimler took over AMG to form Mercedes-AMG GmbH in 1993, Tobias Moers came aboard and took on various development roles. In 2002, he headed the overall vehicle development of all AMG vehicles and started an incredible rollout of Mercedes-AMG vehicles over the following years. Recently, the news dropped that Moers is moving to Aston Martin, a company Mercedes-AMG has ties to. The tuning arm provides engines for Aston, and Daimler has a 5% stake in the British automaker. This move to replace Andy Palmer with Moers just after the company has been bailed out by billionaire Lawrence Stroll looks like a strong move. In Aston’s announcement, it pointed out that, under Moers, AMG “doubled its product portfolio and quadrupled the number of AMG units sold.”Under Moers, the AMG division has developed a much different focus than BMW’s M division when it comes to performance. While BMW M cars tend to be the sports car equivalent of scalpels, AMG cars are sledgehammers in the power department while retaining relaxed handling and comfort levels. Some stand out, however, and we’ve compiled the nine best AMGs of the Tobias Moers era.