Aston Martin Designers Show How To Draw The Valkyrie And Vantage

On average, it takes around three to five years for the design to evolve from a sketch to a production car according to Holgate. In a second video lead designer Antonino Lo Re shows how to sketch the design of the upcoming Valkyrie hypercar. Optimizing the aerodynamics was a key focus when designing the Valkyrie, which is why the Valkyrie’s cockpit is shaped like a teardrop.”The initial idea was to design something closer to a spaceship,” said Lo Re. The designer then shows how intersecting the teardrop with a discus makes the upper section of the Valkyrie look like a UFO. As the sketch evolves, the wraparound windshield is added to improve airflow around the cabin along with the F1-derived front wing, extreme rear wing, and lots of exposed carbon.