4 convenient accessories for your car, each for less than $40

If there’s one thing in the world that’s nearly always worth the money, it’s got to be convenience. You can’t always buy convenience, but when you can, it’s wonderful. It becomes even more wonderful when it comes at an affordable price. There are a ton of super convenient car accessories out there that you may not even know about. Here are four of our favorites, all available for less than $40.

BESTEK 300W Power Inverter – $29.99 on Amazon

Have you ever been a passenger on a long car ride, and after hours of resisting, you finally pull out your tablet, laptop, or Kindle to get you through the last leg of the trip, only to find out that your device desperately needs a charge? We’ve all been there. Most newer cars may have an input for a USB cable, at least, but anything more heavy duty than that and you’re probably out of luck. Thankfully, this beautiful box exists. This plugs right into the cigarette lighter in your car and turns that DC 12V power into AC 110V power, and provides two traditional three-pronged outlets to plug into so you can charge to your heart’s content. You’ll never again be inconvenienced by electric current standards. You can pick up one of these power inverters right here.

12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump – $36.87 on Amazon

Air compressors are always a good idea to have around. Not only can a good one pump up a car tire, but hey, why stop there? This comes with 3 separate valve adapters for different items, so pump up your bike tires! Inflate a basketball! See if it’ll blow up a kiddie pool in like 20 seconds! Why not? This particular air compressor plugs directly into your cigarette lighter (making the kiddie pool idea a little impractical, but hey, dream big anyway) and can display four different units of measurement on its easy-to-read LED screen. A word of warning, though, this version won’t work on truck tires, meaning you’ll have to get a slightly heavier-duty compressor to make sure your F-150 stays topped off. As long as you have something smaller than a truck, this is an awesome accessory to have. Pick it up right here.

Car Battery Jump Starter – $39.99 (20% off) on Amazon

Out of the 4 convenient products in this post, this one scores highest on the convenience charts. If you’ve never had a portable jump starter before, it’s time to step your driving life up. Sure, sometimes you get lucky and your battery dies in your own driveway where you can bug a family member or neighbor for a jump, but more often than not a dead battery happens when you least expect it, at the worst possible time. And then what? You’re going to approach a stranger who you just saw cough 5 seconds before you locked eyes and who definitely doesn’t wash his hands regularly and ask him for a jump? No thanks. Not in 2020. Get yourself a portable jump starter here for 20% off. You’ll be glad you did. 

ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner – $34.99

An OBD2 scanner is convenient for the reason that it can potentially save you a trip or two to the mechanic. If suspicious lights are popping up on your dashboard, you should really find out why, as soon as humanly possible. But if we’re being completely honest with ourselves, we all know that some of those little alerts can be pushed down the road (see what I did there?) a little longer than others. If something serious is wrong, or if you don’t have a 100% clear understanding of exactly what may be going on, don’t be stupid, get it fixed professionally ASAP. If it’s just a sensor on the fritz somewhere, though … well maybe you can afford to let it be for a while. An OBD2 reader allows you to make that choice for yourself by letting you know for sure what the problem is with your vehicle. And knowing is half the battle. You can pick one up here.

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