Junkyard Gem: 1999 Infiniti G20t

When Honda began making zooted-up Civics with big engines and different bodywork in the late 1980s, selling them as Acura Integras in North America and raking in many dollars, Nissan took note. For the 1990 model year and the launch of the Infiniti brand, the luxed-out version of the Euro-market Nissan Primera sedan got Infiniti G20 badging and went on sale over here. After a two-year hiatus in 1997 and 1998, the all-new G20 made its debut for the 1999 model year, and that’s what we’ve got here: a fully equipped Touring version with 5-speed manual transmission, spotted in a Denver boneyard.

The G20 Touring got leather seats, a limited-slip differential, and a racy-looking spoiler.

Sure looks speedy, though the G20t was less about performance than it was about comfort.

G20t buyers got these hep-looking 16″ wheels.

With just 140 horses from its SR20DE engine (which also went into the quicker Sentra-based machinery of 1999), the G20t wouldn’t be beating many of its competitors in drag races. 

With the 5-speed manual transmission, though, the stock G20t became tolerably fun. Plenty of G20 owners added more power and threw connecting rods enjoyed sport-compact domination during the early 20th century.

This one seems pretty tired, but hints of the original snazziness of its interior remain.

The good old packing-tape taillight repair.

Born in Japan, went to finishing school in Europe.

In the UK, a man who felt compelled to play a driving game (equipped with a disturbingly phallic joystick controller) discovers the Primera.

This ad positions the Primera as the car of choice for bungling British bank robbers.

In Japan, the TV commercials touted the new Primera’s advanced suspension design.

Source: AutoBlog.com