Pimp your Toyota RAV4 to look like a Lamborghini Urus with this body kit

Like your Toyota RAV4 but wish it looked a little more, I dunno, like a Lamborghini Urus? Well, a Japanese tuning shop may have just answered your prayers.

Spotted by Carscoops, it’s called the XR51 body kit and it’s offered by an outfit named Albermo, which uses as its tagline, “Design of Caesar.” Technically, the kit is offered in three packages, which are available separately or as a complete package, including installation and body-color paint.


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The main package runs the equivalent of $1,295. It focuses on the front bumper, where the kit magically transforms your high-riding economy crossover, itself the best-selling vehicle in the United States, into something approximating the luxury performance crossover that’s priced nearly $175,000 more than it. Most prominent are the Urus-esque electrical circuit board prongs bracketing the nearly identically shaped grille design, with a copycat treatment on the lower bumper as well. Albermo says it comes with a Toyota Safety Sense cover and a corner sensor bracket, but you can also upgrade for an extra $75 and get LED daytime running lights on the lower bumper and honeycomb resin mesh for the left and right sides. And is that a faux Lambo badge we see front and center?

The $732 rear package adds a half spoiler mounted from the roof and a lower bumper that looks like that of the Urus, especially with those corner slots and reflectors, as they’re described. Finally, there’s a set of four extended side skirts available for around $150.

While its styling may be polarizing, there’s no denying that the Urus has been a hit for Lamborghini, helping the brand set an all-time sales record last year. Little wonder, then, that Albermo is doing the same treatment for the Toyota Raize, a compact SUV produced in partnership with its Daihatsu sub-brand and not available here, to less successful ends.

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