Cutesy Luka EV ditches in-wheel motors for more traditional setup

MW Motors out of the Czech Republic in 2018 unveiled the Luka EV, a deliciously retro battery-electric coupe with styling invoking classics like the Karmann Ghia and Aston Martin DB4.
The car started out as a research project for MW, which was looking to develop lightweight and novel solutions to make electric cars much lighter, and in its original guise was fitted with four in-wheel electric motors developing a combined 66 horsepower.
MW Luka EV
MW has since updated the design, swapping out the four in-wheel motors for a single motor mounted at the front axle. The single motor develops 74 hp and powers the front wheels only. That doesn’t sound like much until you factor in that the Luka EV weighs just 1,953 pounds.
The batteries are mounted in the floor and have a capacity of 26.4 kilowatt-hours. On a single charge, MW estimates the Luka EV will cover 190 miles. That’s likely with moderate driving only. At peak performance, the car will hit 62 mph in about 9.8 seconds and keep accelerating until it tops out at 87 mph.
MW Luka EV
MW has also updated the chassis which now boasts McPherson strut suspension up front and a multi-link setup at the rear. The result of the new chassis design is a smoother driving experience, according to the company.
The best part is that MW hasn’t increased the price of Luka EV. It’s still listed at 30,000 euros (approximately $32,993). The car isn’t in production yet, however. MW says it will announce a reservation process shortly. The production will be handled in the Czech Republic and MW is yet to mention whether the car will be available in the United States.