Is It Just Me Podcast: Should F1 scrap Monaco or Silverstone?

Monaco and Silverstone may be two of the most historic and legendary tracks in Formula 1 history – but are they overrated?In the latest edition of Is It Just Me?, Jessica McFadyen and Luke Smith discuss your unpopular opinions about the race tracks you wouldn’t miss from the F1 calendar.Monaco has been regarded as the ‘jewel in the F1 crown’ throughout the sport’s history, but in an era of faster, bigger cars, has it simply outgrown the streets of the principality?Or is the risk and thrill of the street circuit still providing as much allure as it always has?[embedded content]Silverstone, meanwhile, is the home of British motorsport and hosted the very first F1 race right the way back in 1950. It is always one of the best-attended grands prix of the season – but is it overrated? And would F1 be better off chasing a London street race instead?Jess and Luke also hear from fans giving their unpopular opinions about other tracks including Monza, Suzuka and Melbourne.This podcast is now available to watch on YouTube, and can be listened to and downloaded on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and all podcast apps.